Planning Your Project

Few things to consider before you starting your project:

Considering some of the items below will help you and your designer to come up with design that best suits your needs, desires and budget.

Do you want to install deck or patio or possibly both?

How large area you have to work with and what would be the best use of it?

What type of sun the area receives and would you additional need shade?

Would you need additional privacy?

What would be the use of this particular space; small family gatherings or entertaining for larger groups?

What is the elevation of the space to be used; would you like your space to in several different levels?

What would be most practical traffic flow and would your design need stairs?

Would you need screened porch or gazebo for protection against elements; such as sun, rain and bugs?

How much time you like to devote for maintenance; what materials you would like to use?

Would you like additional customized features such as lighting and fans, storage space, build in benches, fire or water  features, stepping stones or walkways to connect traffic patterns, etc,?

Would you need dry protected area below your deck space?

How much have you budgeted for this project?