Do you provide FREE estimates and how long will it take?


Yes, we do. Our owner Kati will personally visit each new customer and consult the homeowners about the entire design and building process. Estimates are promptly prepared and delivered within one or two weeks. Some projects may need additional designs from architect and/or engineer and their services will take longer and have an additional fees. 

Do you provide deck and patio design services?


Yes, we do. At AVEC Construction, Inc. we pride ourselves in the ability to evaluate an existing structure or space and create the appropriate deck or patio design suitable for your life style while keeping your budget in mind.

What is involved in securing a building permit?


All we need from the homeowner is a copy of a property lot survey, also called plat. We’ll handle all paperwork, fees and administrative work necessary to prepare your property for a deck or hardscape construction.

How long does a custom deck or patio project take to complete?


Depending on the scope of each project, your project could be finished in as little as one week.  Project completion also depends on size, materials, existing space or structure, permit procedures, weather and any other factors.

What are the benefits of using composite and PVC materials?


We like to call them low maintenance products.  With composite and PVC material, you can say good-bye to costly and timely annual deck staining, sanding and painting, loose boards and nails sticking up, splinters and wood rot issues and other laborious tasks involved in upkeep.

Are you licensed and insured, also do you have references available?


Yes, we are licensed and insured.  A proof of licensing and insurance certification will be available as needed.                                                     

We have many satisfied clients that would not mind to share their experience with you, so just know that our references will be available at any time upon your request.